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Eye Cream Tabita Skin Care

Eye cream Tabita  is the product to clean and tighten the skin around your eyes. It will solve and reduce the wrinkles or eyelids around your eyes,. With Eye Cream of Tabita Skin Care, you will get a satisfying result. Skin around your eye will be cleaner and there are no wrinkles or eyelids anymore. Of course, your will look young and fresh.
Then, what are other advantages of Eye Cream from Tabita?

eye cream tabita

eye cream tabita

The eye treatment products from Tabita Skin Care is the moisturiser to brighten and tighten area around eye. This eye cream is enriched with anti-aging formula for the area around they eye. The texture is almost like a blue jelly rather than cream and it is formulated in such a way to be absorbed quickly. Used for area of lower circle and eyelids. Use it once a day at night before sleeping
The benefits of using eye cream Tabita :

  • Softening texture of eyelids.
  • Preventing the wrinkles on eye and reducing eyelids.
  • Brightening eye shadow and eye liner, it is more durable on eyelids.
  • For a long-term, eye cream can solve the winkle on eyelids.
  • Eyes will be fresher and more comfortable.
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Special Cream Tabita Skin Care

Special Cream Tabita  is the advanced cream as the replacement for night cream when you use basic treatment package for at least three months. You will feel that your skin will be really flawless and clean. This cream is enriched with Vitamin E for anti-aging solution and antioxidants. With this cream, your cream will be free of the premature aging (wrinkle) and bright. Use it twice a week as the replacement of night cream. For women above 35 years old, it can be used as a cream to tighten the skin, anti-aging solution, to maintain moisture and elasticity of facial skin.

special cream tabita

special cream tabita

Composition of Special Cream Tabita Skin Care:
Olive Oil, peg 8, Beer wax, polysorbate 60, avocado oil, Squalane, Glyceryl stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Dimeticone, Sodium benzoate, Seed Oil, Kernel Protein, Ethyl paraben, 100% mineral water.

How to use Tabita Special Cream:
Use it at night along with night cream from Tabita alternately.
For example: tonight, you use day cream and you will use special cream tomorrow, and so on.

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Matt Finishing Tabita Skincare

Matt finishing Tabita skincare  is the liquid foundation as the safe choice for all skin types.
Its formula is soft and easy to penetrate in skin pores, so the make-up will look more natural.

matt finishing tabita

matt finishing tabita

It has two types of formula with liquid as its main ingredient for oily skin and oil for dry skin. It is very easy to be used since you do not need to apply face powder again on it. The matt finishing from Tabita Skin Care gives 2 benefits for your skin, the application of make-up will look natural and it implies the flawlessness of your skin as the result of frequent use of this product. After you use the basic package of skin treatment, your skin will be flawless. You do not need to use bold make-up anymore to cover the spots on face. With liquid falsification from Tabita Skin Care, it is very enough as your make-up. It can give the shinning & glowing effects on face; your face will be bright, clean, and chewy (you don’t need to use it every day). Just use it when you hang out.

Matt Foundation of Tabita Skin Care is more suitable for the adult since it can be adjusted based on their needs.
The function of matt  finishing Tabita can be categorised in general as follows:

  •  Covering flaw on face, such as acne scars, black spots, and redness around nose.
  • Hiding the wrinkles on face.
  • Moisturiser for dry face.
  • Covering black circle (although Concealer is more suitable for it).
  • Making your face flawless.
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Acne Cream Tabita Skin Care

Acne Cream Tabita uses the herbal extract as its main ingredient. The formula in acne cream of Tabita Skin Care will solve acne. This cream works fast, effectively, and safely for skin. It does not have stimulation reaction and absorption. Acne cream of Tabita can be absorbed quickly and its permeability is high. This product can cure acne and repair rough skin slowly formed by acne scars and make your facial skin free of acne and soft.

3.acne cream

acne cream tabita

Don’t be doubtful and afraid to use the Anti-Acne Cream Tabita  since this Anti Acne Cream will help you to remove the acne completely.
Just apply the Facial Soap of Tabita, Smooth Lotion of Tabita, Day and Night Cream of Tabita to get optimal treatment and result.

Composition of Acne CreamTabita Skin Care:
Grape seed Oil, Emulsifying wax, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Gel, Bergamot essential oil, Rose Geranium essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil.

Additional description:
Acne cream to prevent and remove acne and hide the black spots from acne scars.
Available in 1 size

How to use acne cream Tabita :
Used at night after using night cream of Tabita, just apply it a little on the acne and acne scars.