Fake Tabita Cream

Unfortunately, there are many fake Tabita creams with a price of Tabita products that is not reasonable. It is used by certain people just to get profit by harming other people. We are here to give the price that is really competitive with the guarantee of originality from our Tabita products.

Characteristics of ORIGINAL Tabita Skin Care:

  • On the logo, the writing Tabita and its picture of flower is embossed and united, “NOT STICKER”.
  • The logo has hologram.
  • The weight of Exclusive and Regular package of Day Cream and Night Cream is 40 gr and 25 gr respectively.
  • There are three types of packages, namely Economic, Regular, and Exclusive.
  • The cap of its package is gold for Regular Package, white for Economic Package and white with pearl shine for Exclusive Package.
  • In Day Cream and Night Cream, there is sticker with the writing: Day Cream and Night Cream on the size of package.
  • Day Cream with light, soft yellow color.
  • Night Cream with white color like milk that is not too thick.
  • Package Bag of Exclusive Tabita Skin Care with gold material with new white and yellow zippers.
  • Soap with the transparent bottle cap (not too dull).
  • It has the red manual book for instruction.
  • It has body bag.

Characteristics of FAKE Tabita Skin Care:

  • It still used old Tabita logo in which the Tabita writing and its flower picture are separated. The logo on cap and package of cream only uses sticker.
  • Logo does not have hologram.
  • There is fake Tabita stating that the ‘Original Tabita never changes its logo’ on its brochure. It is only a reason for them, so they do not need brother themselves to change logo and packaging of original Tabita; it definitely needs a considerable capital.
  • Orange, pink cap of cream.
  • Triangle package.
  • ¬†Daily Cream with dull yellow color that is tighter.
  • ¬†Night Cream with a quite dull brown/yellow color that is tighter.
  • Bag of Exclusive Package of Tabita Skin Care with overall golden color or transparent.
  • Soap with dull white cap of bottle.
  • Without any user manual.

The following are several shapes and pictures of fake Tabita Skin Care in the market:


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