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Nowadays, there are many discussions on social media about someone claiming him/her as the owner of Tabita Skin Care products on Facebook, Twitter, or other discussion forums. There are some parties claiming them as the founders of these products. Moreover, they also state that other products that are not from them are fake ones! Is it true??? You should not trust the news and rumours that cannot be proven.


Quoting the interview on the online news portal of republika.co.id, you can check here
http://goo.gl/0C3KLJ. The owner of Tabita Skin Care products explained that there are so many people falsifying the products. Moreover, the owner gave the label “Be Aware of Fake Products” on the package of Tabita Skin Care products. She also published the used advertisement on mass media and warn the customers to be more careful in buying the products from Tabita Skin Care. It was also said that there are no customers complaining about the products that she have distributed since 2010. The difference of price between original products and fake ones are really far. The producers of fake products sell their products at a price that is not too different from the original products, so they will not be suspected as the fake ones. The users of Tabita Skin Care products should be careful with other people claiming them as The owner of Tabita products. Tabita Skin Care never informs the change of label and name of products.

Our Tabita Skin Care products are not questioned again. We will ensure the originality; it is 100% original. We are supplied directly by the producer of Tabita Skin Care products, so we can give a relatively competitive price to you. We serve the purchase on wholesale and retail with competitive price for you. As one of distributors, we give the best price for you based on our commitment on the customer satisfaction as our priority. Therefore, we maintain the stability of price, so we can have satisfied loyal customers buying the Tabita products on tabitaoriginalcenter.com, the trusted site selling the original Tabita products. Until now, we have customers in many cities in Indonesia and some neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

To order the products of Tabita Skin Care, please contact us via SMS/WhatsApp/BBM. If we do not reply the message via SMS/WhatsApp/BBM in 24 hours, please send the message again. There are so many incoming orders, so there are some unread notifications. We wish that you can understand us. Thank you.

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