Question About Product Tabita Skincare

The questions about original products of Tabita Skin Care
Since there were information about the products of Tabita Skin Care that often makes our loyal customers confused, we try to explain some clarifications of questions about the products of Tabita Skin Care.

1. Did Tabita Skin Care change the brand of product label?

It is obvious that Tabita Skin Care do not have a plan to change the brand or label.
Let’s take example and logic from a brand. Just call it “AQUA”. Of course, everyone in Indonesia knows “AQUA”. It is the largest drinking water company in the package in Indonesia. The popularity of that company is never without the effort of falsification. We know that there are so many fake products distributed. Although it happens, will AQUA change the brand of that products? Of course, you know the answer of that question, don’t you? Aqua will never change the brand.

If you want to buy a car with the brand “HONDA”, do you still want it when the sellers offer the car with a brand “HONDI” with the statement that the product is the same with “HONDA”.
Hehehe…DO YOU still want it??

2. Does Tabita Skin Care have the official notification from Food and Drug Supervisory Agency?
Until now, the original products of Tabita Skin Care do not have the notification of official number on the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency in Indonesia. Some contents are imported from the abroad and they are not sold freely without the prescription from doctor. When certain sellers state that the Tabita Skin Care products they sell are registered with the notification of Food and Drug Supervisory Agency and show the pictures of official registration from Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, you should not trust that. The picture can be easily edited with Photoshop. To prove that, you can check it directly on the website of Food and Drug Supervisory Agency in Indonesia and you can easily find the column of data about the registration of existing brand on the website. Just enter the words “Tabita products” or “Tabita Skin Care”, the website will automatically detect the official notification of Tabita Skin Care. After that, you will obviously know who is right and who is wrong!

3. By the way, who is the real owner of Tabita Skin Care?

To find the answer, you can actually read the news cited by
In 2013, it was obviously written that owner of Tabita Skin Care products  For more information, you can visit news portal published by Just click here

4. Are products of Tabita Skin Care produced by an official manufacturer or company ?

Since 2008 until now, Tabita Skin Care are the traditional products. The marketing is also traditionally from mouth to mouth and it is supported with online marketing. With traditional implementation, we can maintain the quality of Tabita Skin Care products we sell until now. We have made the business opportunity for all people with limited capital who want to market Tabita products.

The original Tabita Skin Care products never include the label stating that Tabita Skin Care products are produced by certain business entities,

Hopefully, the articles about the products of Tabita Skin Care from us can give the suitable explanation and benefit to our customers.

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