Paket Regular Cream Tabita

Regular Package of Tabita Cream

Starting from now, implement the healthy lifestyle diligently and frequently. The most important thing, use the package of REGULAR TABITA SKINCARE as the choices of beauty products for your face!

paket regular

We often feel jealous when seeing other women with clean, white facial skin.
We often compare and imagine that the facial treatment of that woman is very expensive.
Assume if you are now a woman appraising the beautiful appearance of another woman, you must imagine something that is really difficult to do.

In fact, the benefit can be achieved in an easy way without spending much money. Do you want to know the secret?
Every person with clean, white facial skin is the result of “FREQUENT AND DILIGENT” treatment.
It is also the same with the users of Tabita Skin Care cream. They diligently and regularly use the product until their face is white and clean as if they get it so easily. They are now confident whenever they meet other people.
What is the secret?
There is increasing number of incoming order for regular Tabita Skin Care package. We seldom ask the customers from where they know this beauty cream of Tabita Skin Care. They know it from friend, family, or relative who tried the beauty cream of TABITA SKINCARE before. So, it is obvious that other people have white, clean skin, while you don’t.

For the regular package of Tabita Skin Care 25 gr, it can be applied for two months.

Tabitha Skin Care makes the treatment of skin beauty and face is easier for you. The regular Package of Tabitha Skin Care includes:
• Facial Soap,200 ml
• Day Cream (25 gram),
• Night Cream (25 gram),
• Smooth lotion.200 ml.

These products give the function and benefit that are really good for the beauty of your skin and face. regular Tabitha Skin Care is proven to be the most effective to whiten and brighten the facial skin. The functions of Tabita product are as follows:

* Making your facial skin look whiter, cleaner, and brighter
* Preventing and solving the permanent acne
* Hiding the dirt and black spots on face
* Minimising pores
* Tightening facial skin, so it looks younger
* Tightening the wrinkles on skin due to the sediment of dead skin cells.

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