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Face Powder Tabita Skin Care

Face Powder Tabita Skin Care

FACE POWDER TABITA  is the face powder in a loose item from Tabita Skin Care.
The effect of face powder from Tabita Skin Care is proven to be natural with the best result to make face look white naturally, not like when you use face powder. It can be united naturally with the color of your facial skin.

Face Powder Tabita Skin Care

Face Powder Tabita Skin Care

The face powder tabita is the item with the anti-irritation formula since 100% of ingredient is pure talc without any chemicals; it makes your skin glow, shinning, and soft as if it reflects the light. It is very safe, healthy, natural, without any side effect at all, such as comedo, acne, etc.
The function of face powder of Tabita Skin Care:

  • Treating the beauty of facial skin
  • Maintaining the white color of facial skin
  • Protecting facial skin from negative effect of sunlight
  • Protecting texture/surface of skin to make it always soft and flawless
  • Protecting skin from pollution and dirt
  • Covering pores on face perfectly without causing comedo/blockage of pores
  • You can get skin surface that is 10 times smoother over common face powder

Feel the soft, transparent sensation on face as if you don’t use the make-up. The face powder of Tabita can be applied for other make-up or without make-up since the products of Tabita Skin Care can imply the signature of face on the bright light and reflect the natural, transparent spark like the shine of pearl on the water mirage. Your face will look as if you don’t use mask like what is usually found on the use of common face powder. It is so natural, safe, healthy, and light for daily use as frequently as possible. The texture of face foundation looks clear and transparent! It gives a glowing and shiny sensation!

The natural, dramatic, real effect can be achieved with FACE POWDER TABITA SKIN CARE you can apply it with matt finishing as the foundation. It is recommended to be careful when purchasing the products.

Owner tabita Skin care Products

Nowadays, there are many discussions on social media about someone claiming him/her as the owner of Tabita Skin Care products on Facebook, Twitter, or other discussion forums. There are some parties claiming them as the founders of these products. Moreover, they also state that other products that are not from them are fake ones! Is it true??? You should not trust the news and rumours that cannot be proven.


Quoting the interview on the online news portal of republika.co.id, you can check here
http://goo.gl/0C3KLJ. The owner of Tabita Skin Care products explained that there are so many people falsifying the products. Moreover, the owner gave the label “Be Aware of Fake Products” on the package of Tabita Skin Care products. She also published the used advertisement on mass media and warn the customers to be more careful in buying the products from Tabita Skin Care. It was also said that there are no customers complaining about the products that she have distributed since 2010. The difference of price between original products and fake ones are really far. The producers of fake products sell their products at a price that is not too different from the original products, so they will not be suspected as the fake ones. The users of Tabita Skin Care products should be careful with other people claiming them as The owner of Tabita products. Tabita Skin Care never informs the change of label and name of products.

Our Tabita Skin Care products are not questioned again. We will ensure the originality; it is 100% original. We are supplied directly by the producer of Tabita Skin Care products, so we can give a relatively competitive price to you. We serve the purchase on wholesale and retail with competitive price for you. As one of distributors, we give the best price for you based on our commitment on the customer satisfaction as our priority. Therefore, we maintain the stability of price, so we can have satisfied loyal customers buying the Tabita products on tabitaoriginalcenter.com, the trusted site selling the original Tabita products. Until now, we have customers in many cities in Indonesia and some neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

To order the products of Tabita Skin Care, please contact us via SMS/WhatsApp/BBM. If we do not reply the message via SMS/WhatsApp/BBM in 24 hours, please send the message again. There are so many incoming orders, so there are some unread notifications. We wish that you can understand us. Thank you.

Original Tabita Products Of Your Choice

When there are people claiming that the label of original Tabita Skin Care is changed into another brand and their products are original Tabita Skin Care, you should not be deceived easily.

We have marketed the products of Tabita Skin Care since 2010. Every year, there are more users of Tabita Skin Care products since the products give the real benefit to whiten and brighten your facial skin as if you get the facial treatment with the value of tens of million rupiah. The products of Tabita Skin Care make many users interested since our products have the characteristics of Asian woman’s skin with the identical pigment. So, until now, the users are not only from Indonesia, but also Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, the products of Tabita Skin Care original have the well-known brand and the marketing is successful. The brand of sport products like “NIKE” with strong branding and good reputation in the society will never change the brand only because there are many fake products distributed. The falsification is often beneficial for the owner of brand since the amount of fake products distributed in the market is related to the sale of the product. Not surprisingly, the distributors of Tabita Skin Care often write “BE AWARE OF FAKE PRODUCTS” on the label as what was written on the news portal republika.co.id. Just click here http://goo.gl/0C3KLJ

So, the statements claiming that the original Tabita Skin Care¬† changed the label are questioned since it is not true. It is often the trick of people who want to boost the popularity of the product by relating the products with other products. In this case, you should understand the condition. We often meet the producers in despair since they fail to market the products… So, you should BE A SMART BUYER.

Question About Product Tabita Skincare

The questions about original products of Tabita Skin Care
Since there were information about the products of Tabita Skin Care that often makes our loyal customers confused, we try to explain some clarifications of questions about the products of Tabita Skin Care.

1. Did Tabita Skin Care change the brand of product label?

It is obvious that Tabita Skin Care do not have a plan to change the brand or label.
Let’s take example and logic from a brand. Just call it “AQUA”. Of course, everyone in Indonesia knows “AQUA”. It is the largest drinking water company in the package in Indonesia. The popularity of that company is never without the effort of falsification. We know that there are so many fake products distributed. Although it happens, will AQUA change the brand of that products? Of course, you know the answer of that question, don’t you? Aqua will never change the brand.

If you want to buy a car with the brand “HONDA”, do you still want it when the sellers offer the car with a brand “HONDI” with the statement that the product is the same with “HONDA”.
Hehehe…DO YOU still want it??

2. Does Tabita Skin Care have the official notification from Food and Drug Supervisory Agency?
Until now, the original products of Tabita Skin Care do not have the notification of official number on the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency in Indonesia. Some contents are imported from the abroad and they are not sold freely without the prescription from doctor. When certain sellers state that the Tabita Skin Care products they sell are registered with the notification of Food and Drug Supervisory Agency and show the pictures of official registration from Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, you should not trust that. The picture can be easily edited with Photoshop. To prove that, you can check it directly on the website of Food and Drug Supervisory Agency in Indonesia and you can easily find the column of data about the registration of existing brand on the website. Just enter the words “Tabita products” or “Tabita Skin Care”, the website will automatically detect the official notification of Tabita Skin Care. After that, you will obviously know who is right and who is wrong!

3. By the way, who is the real owner of Tabita Skin Care?

To find the answer, you can actually read the news cited by http://www.republika.co.id
In 2013, it was obviously written that owner of Tabita Skin Care products  For more information, you can visit news portal published by republika.co.id. Just click here http://goo.gl/0C3KLJ

4. Are products of Tabita Skin Care produced by an official manufacturer or company ?

Since 2008 until now, Tabita Skin Care are the traditional products. The marketing is also traditionally from mouth to mouth and it is supported with online marketing. With traditional implementation, we can maintain the quality of Tabita Skin Care products we sell until now. We have made the business opportunity for all people with limited capital who want to market Tabita products.

The original Tabita Skin Care products never include the label stating that Tabita Skin Care products are produced by certain business entities,

Hopefully, the articles about the products of Tabita Skin Care from us can give the suitable explanation and benefit to our customers.